– For water, steam, gas, and general use

These are control valves for a wide range of uses.

– For high pressure, high differential pressure, and low noise

These are pressure balanced type control valves, effective for controlling high pressure and high differential pressure fluid by balancing fluid pressure in the cage.

– For acid and alkali

The wetted parts are made of resin and show excellent corrosion resistance to acidic and alkaline fluids. In addition, the glandless structure with PTTE bellows improves sealing performance.

– For toxic fluid and vacuum service

These control valves are effective for toxic fluid and vacuum service, because of the structure with external pressure type bellows, which provides higher sealing performance than the general gland structure.

– For low temperature and ultra-low temperature

These control valves control ultra-low-temperature fluids close to the absolute zero point, such as liquefied helium. They feature the structure that welds the valve to a vacuum vessel.

– For Food and Drink

These control valves are for sanitary processes such as for food, drink and chemicals. They feature the clamping type block construction with less trapped liquid. They are easy to disassemble and clean, and excellent in sanitary and maintenance performance.

– Butterfly valve

Butterfly valves consist of a disk-shaped blade (valve element), which turns in a short cylinder-shaped valve casing. Our butterfly valves have a variety of models, including ceramic model and double eccentric type stainless steel model with high controllability and sealing performance.

– Custom made

Custom-made valves include a control valve, micro valve, special material control valve, and quick action valve that combines existing structures, such as bellows-, jacket- and Y-type, according to customer needs.


– Multi-spring type diaphragm actuator

It features small size but high output with two or more built-in springs.

– Pneumatic cylinder actuator

It features simple structure made from aluminum casting and high output.

– Electronic actuator

These actuators are developed for small-sized globe type control valves. A built-in electric-electric positioner, highly reliable DC motor, and solid-state control ensure high controllability.

– Electromotive actuator

These electromotive actuators are for small- and medium-sized globe type control valves which adopt single-phase condenser motors. They are operated by a control command from a relay, combining a motor, reduction gear mechanism, limit switch mechanism, and feedback resistance.


– Positioner

A wide lineup range is available, including the popular electric-pneumatic positioner, pneumatic-pneumatic positioner, latest digital positioner, and smart positioner.

– Pressure reducing valve with filter

Several different models are available, including a pressure-reducing valve with high-efficiency filter, which is compact without the need for bracket.

– Others

Use of control valves is improved with various accessories (limit switch, proximity switch, solenoid valve, booster relay, speed controller, air-operated valve, lock-up valve, etc.) and their combinations.