Nippon Daiya Valve offers ball, butterfly, and other valves in addition to our main product, the diaphragm valve, that meet the various needs of our customers with highly efficient, safe, and environmentally considerate products. Our valves are used across a broad range from chemical, environmental and water treatment services, iron and steel, medical, and power industries and sectors.

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diaphragm-valveNDV’s representative product, the diaphragm valve, is superior in “air-tightness,” “maintenance,” and “corrosion and chemical resistance.” We can adapt to many fields because we construct valves from a vast selection of materials to meet the requirements and composition of fluids, being superior in terms of cost performance as well. Made from the wealth of experience and achievements cultivated over a long history, our products offer peace of mind with high quality and high performance.


ball-valveNDV offers ball valves compatible over a wide range of fields. Choose from our extensive line-up to meet your purpose from multi-way and v-port ball valves in addition to the standard fire safe type. We also take orders for special purpose valves used under high pressure, and those for shield machine and nuclear power plants.


butterfly-valveNDV offers butterfly valves that excel in sealing and flow control properties. Our products have been received well as they include metal materials such as cast iron and stainless steel, and have superior corrosion resistance from PFA lining.


sanitary-valveNDV provides the best valves for facilities with sanitary specifications manufacturing medicine, food, and semiconductors. The bioclean diaphragm valve series are products that utilize diaphragm valve characteristics to its fullest potential with a “structure that does not contaminate fluids” and “structure with superior cleaning properties.” Also choose from a selection of valves to meet requirements and the fluids from valves such as the sanitary type butterfly valve for medical containers.